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Elected member names and contact details

Elected members


The Parish Council members are elected every four years and there are 7 members.

The CHAIR is elected by the serving members each year at the Annual Meeting held in May.

The current elected members, following the election in May 2019, are:

Mr. Mark Meadows, Colmead, Alderminster, 01789 450809 (Vice Chairman)

Mr John Melville, 9 Campden Lawns, Alderminster, 01789 450524

Mrs Karen Jones, 4 Campden Lawns, Alderminster, CV37 8PA, 01789 450687

Mr Michael White, 1 Pheasant Close, Alderminster  CV37 8PH

There is one vacancy for a Parish Councillor

The County Councillor is Mrs. Izzi Seccombe

The Stratford District Council Ward Member is Mrs Penny Anne O'Donnell



To contact the Parish Council:

Mrs Maria Norman, The Old Bakery, Alderminster, Warwickshire  CV37 8NY

Contact us:  Telephone: 01789 450242  Email: alderminsterpc@gmail.com

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