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If you’re in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and have any of the symptoms of coronavirus, you can ask for a test by clicking here 

The volunteers listed below live in Alderminster and are connected to Alderminster Parish Council OR Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross OR Alderminster Village Hall Committee


If you are feeling lonely, anxious or just want to have a chat you can contact:

Adrian and/or Geraldine Ramskill on 01789 450800 
Peter and/or Diane Bragg on 01789 459063


If you need help with shopping you can contact:

Dave and/or Alison Benton on 01789 450703
Email: or

If you need help to care for your pet, contact:

Karen Jones on 01789 450687 (

If you need the support of the Church, contact:

Tim Jones on 01789 450687 (

If you want to provide your friends and/or family details of a local person to contact in the event they become concerned for your welfare, the contact is:

Tim Jones on 01789 450687 (

Tim is also the contact for anybody in the parish who is worried about the welfare of another Alderminster resident

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